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When preparing youth for the workforce, ConnectLinc summer program offers one of Canada's best skills readiness programs. It is a place where youth learn, achieve, become certified while playing and having fun
Powered by the Town of Lincoln and operated by Civiconnect, ConnectLinc is an eight-week skills readiness summer day program in Beamsville, Ontario, for youth between 13 – 16 years old. Sessions include Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 4 PM until 6 PM, with two full days on Saturday October 15th and November 5th.
Participants develop a portfolio of certifications, access to industry guest speakers and experts, and relevant skills needed for today's workforce.
ConnectLinc wants to give your Youth the right tools to be ready for employment by the end of their eight-week program.

2022 Dates and Fees - Register Here

Please note that program fees noted below do not include applicable taxes (13% HST), transportation (bus to/from ConnectLinc at start of day), or other incidentals/options.
Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Program session content is identical in Fall to the 2022 Summer programming, participants are welcome to attend twice, but should not expect new material. We encourage participants to keep an eye out on Winter programming to upgrade after the summer/Fall season!
Days & Times
Tuesdays and Thursdays Fall 2022 + Saturday Oct 15 and Nov 5
8 Weeks
Tuesdays and Thursdays from September 27th to November 17 (4 PM to 6 PM) + Saturdays on Oct 15 and Nov 5 (9 AM until 4 PM)
4996 Beam St., Beamsville
$79.99 +tax
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ConnectLinc Programs and Activities

What does a day at ConnectLinc look like?

Weekday (September 27 and 29) Confidence building, body language, active listening
Weekday (October 4 and 6) Problem solving, stress management
Weekday (October 11 and 13) Interacting with customers, phone, and email etiquette
Saturday (October 15) Guest speaker day/field trip
Weekday (October 18 and 20) Resume building, interview preparation
Weekday (October 25 and 27) Resume Building 2
Weekday (November 1 and 3) HEAT Principles, conflict resolution
Saturday (Nov 5) CPR & First Aid
Weekday (November 8 and 10) Mock interviews
Weekday (November 15 and 17) Power of networking, vision boards, awards ceremony


ConnectLinc provides comprehensive training certifications necessary for youth to obtain entry-level employment. Certifications will ensure participants are job-ready, with safety as a top priority when entering the job market. Credentials include First Aid and CPR, Mental Health and First Aid, WHMIS, AODA, Safety in the Workplace, and more!

Skills Training

To secure that first job and navigate the labour market, young women and men need the technical skills to perform specific tasks and core work skills: learning to learn, communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. Developing core skills, awareness of workers’ rights, and understanding of entrepreneurship are the building blocks for lifelong learning and the capability to adapt to change. ConnectLinc will teach all of these skills and more to your youth over three weeks, preparing them to safely enter the job market!

Access to the Local Employers and Talent

ConnectLinc partners with hospitality and tourism leaders within the community to develop course content, provide youth with access to guest lecturers with industry expertise, networking, and employment exposure! Your youth will spend each day being inspired, learning, and gaining exposure to home-grown and local talent including experts from the Employment Help Centre, Vintage Hotels, Domaine Queylus, Peller Estates, Newark Brewing, Conversations Café & Youth Zone, and more!

Our Team

ConnectLinc staff are recreation and outdoor education professionals, teachers, university and college graduates/students that share one thing in common: they are committed to providing making a positive difference in the lives of every ConnectLinc Participant.
Our committed and caring leaders provide program experiences in which the accomplishments of each young person is valued and celebrated. All staff members hold certifications in training or skills set taught to ConnectLinc participants, along with specialized program and first aid training. In addition to ongoing training, each ConnectLinc staff member participates in a two-months of staff training program prior to the start of programs.
We have high expectations of every staff member, and those are reflected in our hiring approach. Each person has an interview and must successfully complete a police check. While all staff must possess First Aid qualifications and High-Five training, they are also expected to have qualifications in a variety of program areas. This means participants learn new skills from highly trained and experienced instructors.
The participants are at the very centre of everything at ConnectLinc. Our excellent staff to participant ratio (1:10 on average) means that every participant receives consistent individual attention everyday. We know this is the key to participants succeeding and having fun in both our instructional programs and daily recreational activities.
Our staff embrace our Mission Statement, understand our expectations, and believe in the potential for every youth and that ConnectLinc is the launching point for a safe and successful career!
from left to right, top to bottom: Samantha – Camp Supervisor, Mei – Counsellor, Elly – Counsellor, Gabriel – Counsellor, Cristina – Assistant Supervisor

Where You Will Find Us!

ConnectLinc is located within Downtown Beamsville at 4996 Beam St., in the popular Niagara region.

About Final Forms & Details

Final Forms & Details are emailed to all registered families.
All information you submit about your participant online is secure and confidential. Profile information can only be reviewed by the family account holder and ConnectLinc administrators.
Please note that the Final Forms must be completed and submitted by one week prior to start date and payments are due when you submit your forms.


Please review the Handbook thoroughly for important updates for the 2022 summer program season.

Registration Policies


Please note that spots WILL NOT be held without payment and completed applications.


All fees are non-refundable.
There will be no refund made for any participant leaving during Program Session Period, including for reasons of homesickness. In the case of illness or injury incurred at ConnectLinc, a refund will be provided for remaining dates pro-rated. Also, there will be no refund or reduction of fees for participants arriving late or leaving early.
Refunds are normally processed in full by the end of financial quarter ConnectLinc Program season each year.

Privacy Policy

ConnectLinc is committed to keeping the personal information of our participants, families, and clients accurate, confidential, secure, and private. Our Privacy Policy has been designed to inform families, clients, staff, and third parties of ConnecLinc of our commitment and recognition to meet the terms and spirit of the federal Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA, January 1, 2004). For more information, you can read our full privacy policy HERE


What is the participant to staff ratio?

Our participant to staff ratio is 10:1

How many participants are attending?

We welcome up to 20 participants during each session period. ConnectLinc employs 2 full-time staff members each Fall/Winter Session.

Do you offer extended care?

Not during our Fall and Winter programming.

What should youth bring to ConnectLinc?

Please make sure the participant brings the following to programming. Note as well, you will receive a Handbook with this and lots of other helpful information:

  • Snacks (there are break periods when participants enjoy a small snack). We are a nut free facility, and parents are asked to pack nut free lunches and snacks.

  • Water bottle

  • Facial covering (if still required by public health)

  • Pencil case containing basic school supplies (pencils, erasers, scissors, markers and/or pencil crayons)

  • Weather appropriate, comfortable clothing (packing a change of clothing is also advisable)

  • Closed toe and heel shoes must be worn to comply with camp safety rules (preferably running shoes)

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug spray

  • Hat and sunglasses (as weather dependent)

  • Any doctor prescribed medications (ConnectLinc staff will not administer medications except in the case of a life-threatening situation such as administering an EpiPen which is provided by the parent)

Will participants need to bring a device to the program?

No, participants will not need to (and we request that they do not) bring any devices to the program. We are very pleased to provide a laptop for participants at all locations for use at the program, which ensures all youth have equal access to the high-quality technology programming we offer, and to devices which are ready to go for all program activities that they are needed for.

Do you have any subsidies for low-income families or single parents?

As a not for profit, ConnectLinc does not have a formal subsidy program as our fees are already at cost. We suggest parents contact their local service clubs and agencies to enquire about existing program subsidy programs. A call to your local MPP and MP offices could also provide some ideas as to funding.

Do ConnectLinc staff administer medication?

There is at least one staff member at every site that has their First Aid and CPR certification, however, program facilitators DO NOT administer medications (unless it is an emergency such as the use of an EpiPen). If any participant should need medication throughout the day please arrange for a parent or a designate to come and do so. Also, please ensure this information is communicated clearly on the application form when enrolling a participant.

What do sign-in and sign-out procedures look like?

To ensure their safety, all participants must be signed in at the time of drop off and signed out at the time of pick up, by their guardian or by a guardian to approve self-sign in/out. Guardians must indicate the names of the authorized persons for pickup on their online registration form and everyone must show identification in order to sign out a youth. You will be required to show identification every day, even if we know you. No youth will be permitted to leave the program without being signed out by an authorized adult. The same safety rules apply to all. Should a parent wish to add an authorized person(s) to the approved pick up and drop of list for their youth, they may email mgallant@civiconnect.ca.

How do we know where to drop-off and pick-up our youth?

Youth will visit partner sites via bus during the program, but parents will always drop-off and pick-up youth at 4996 Beam St., Beamsville.

What participants do all day?

A typical day at ConnectLinc has lots of activities, training, and guests to keep participants busy and having fun. Each day at ConnectLinc features a mix of personal choice, small group, and large group activities curated to maximize skill readiness and development. Your Youth will be kept active and busy all day, learning, achieving, and gaining first-hand employment experience.

How can this program provide an inclusive space for youth with exceptionalities?

We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive space where all participants feel safe and welcome in. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to accommodate for your adolescents' success. Please note, we are unable to offer 1:1 care.

How can this program accommodate for participants with dietary restrictions and food allergies?

Please let staff know of any dietary restrictions or food allergies upon registration. Participants will be asked to pack their own lunch every day and thus can control what they have. Occasionally, if food is served, we will take all precautions necessary to ensure people’s safety.

Please note that this is a nut free environment!

How can I obtain more information?

After registering, you will receive a comprehensive participant manual answering frequently asked questions, detailed instructions and general information. If you have any lingering questions, feel free to email Melanie, our Programs Coordinator at mgallant@civiconnect.ca