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Helping Businesses and You(th) Reach new Heights

Civiconnect is a non-profit organization that offers a wide range of services aimed at easing companies into a digital marketplace.
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Our Services

Turning clicks, shares, tags and followers into sales dollars.

Digital Marketing allows the creation a foundation for all a business’ needs, while simultaneously getting their message in front of prospective customers.

Civiconnect can help your business facilitate the attraction of new prospects as well as returning clients using targeted advertising which generates website traffic, while increasing client acquisition, retention, and interest and most importantly, increasing online sales.

Beautiful, functional, reliable websites your customers will love

A web presence is a business’ first opportunity to distinguish their brand from competitors and to capture potential customers’ interest.

Civiconnect offers competitive and responsive web design that accurately captures a business’ offerings, while retaining client attention and further enhancing business processes.

Manage your organization's data in the simplest & most affordable way possible

All of our websites come with a custom cloud-based admin dashboard designed to make managing & communicating your organization's data as simple as possible.

To save you money, we tailor open-source systems to meet the exact needs of your business. By deploying in the cloud, you can manage your applications and data from anywhere, at any time.


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