Reopening Businesses - Phase 3!

The Niagara region is getting back to work in Phase 3, and we’re here to help!

August 3, 2020

            As all employers know: Canada has just experienced absolutely unprecedented economic turmoil. According to Statistics Canada there were 3 million Canadians who lost their job between February and April of this year. As our economic engine begins to warm back up, many of these folks will be looking to their local job market to find new work and new opportunities.

            Niagara is a tourism hub, and to be sure, the tourism industry was particularly devastated by COVID-19. As Niagara has just entered Phase 3, folks that were employed in tourism are looking to get back to the industry as well as to diversify their employment into other industries. Therefore, there is an extensive labour force here in Niagara that can be utilized by employers that are looking to grow. 

            The main challenge to the traditional methods of finding and acquiring new talent in the post-COVID 19 era is the limitations on large gatherings. A traditional job fair brings together hundreds of job seekers and scores of companies looking to make the right connection. Rather than reinvent the wheel, Opportunity Niagara looks to update that classic model of job fairs as  employment generators: by bringing the job fair online. 

            A single recruiter at a virtual job fair can sift through numerous applicants and talk directly with them… all without worrying about physical distancing! The ease of attending a virtual job fair also ensures that many job seekers will be able to attend as there are no restrictions on where they may be physically located at the time of the event. The clearest choice for networking and hiring on a large scale this summer is the Opportunity Niagara job fairs that we are hosting on August 5th and August 12th.

We are a week away from the first job fair. If you are an employer in the Niagara region, we highly recommend having a presence at these fairs. There is quite simply no better option if you are looking to meet and connect with lots of local youth to help grow your business. 

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