Youth Advisory Committee

To be responsive to the needs of young people in our community, Civiconnect launched its very own region-wide Youth Advisory Committee. This committee gives young people a forum to discuss the issues that matter to them and inform programming direction for the Youth Skills Studio. The committee brings together a diverse group of youth with a wide range of interests and passions to collaborate on addressing the challenges facing youth.


In order to address a lack of youth-specific data within the Niagara Region, the YAC conducts research and compiles reports on critical issues facing youth such as:

  • employment
  • impacts of COVID
  • mental health
  • access to technology/internet
  • education


The results of the YAC’s research inform programming for our Youth Skills Studio. We also share them with other parties that express interest in better understanding youth perspectives such as:

  • Municipal councils
  • Regional Councils
  • Agencies and Associations
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