Youth Skills Studio

The Youth Skills Studio (YSS), located in Beamsville, is a partnership between Civiconnect and the Town of Lincoln designed to provide youth with the skills and experience they need to make valuable contributions to the workplace and beyond. The YSS work integrated learning environment provides paid employment to youth aged 15-29 to work on technology-based projects for local businesses. Our experienced Tech Team facilitates high-demand technical skills development while youth deliver digital technology solutions to businesses. At regular intervals each week, our Programming Team delivers training focused on teamwork, communication and work ethic to develop the most important non-technical skills identified by employers. The results are that: youth gain the skills and experience needed in the workplace, businesses gain affordable access to innovative, high-impact digital technology services, businesses gain risk-free access to emerging young talent and youth gain the benefits of a work-integrated learning experience at an organization designed for this purpose. 

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Looking for a paid opportunity to gain the skills and experience employers are looking for? If you’re interested in developing skills in digital marketing, web development, systems administration, communication, teamwork and work ethic click here.

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Looking for affordable access to digital technology services like e-commerce, website development or productivity improvements? If you’re a Niagara-based business that needs affordable help building their online and technology-related capabilities click here.

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