Digital Marketing Team

Our marketing stream is broken down into two phases. Phase one consists of research, analytics, and documentation to develop a marketing strategy to present to our clients with professional insight into best practices for social media and ways they can improve their overall marketing. If the client is interested, the associates will also produce a brand kit that includes logos, fonts, colours, and mood boards. Phase two is all about implementing the marketing strategy proposed to the client in phase one through social media content creation and copywriting.

Developing soft skills such as professional communication, leadership and interpersonal skills are another important part of being prepared for the workforce. Our programming department runs bi-weekly workshops for our associates to help them improve upon these crucial skills.

We encourage our associates to continue learning and developing new skills outside of the Youth Skills Studio. Civiconnect will fully reimburse its associates for any course or certification they may wish to take during their employment from any online learning platform. This is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons!

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