Digital Marketing

Engage with new, younger audiences looking to support organizations enacting social change.

Branding And Storytelling

How does your organization enact social change? Retain new clientele with strategic branding and storytelling.

Youth Civic Engagement

We know that learning about politics for the first time can feel overwhelming, and sometimes, disengaging. Our goal is to change that.


An online commercial enterprise will help you reach new customers and clients for your organization.

Helping Businesses and You(th) Reach New Heights

Civiconnect is a non-profit consulting firm that offers a wide range of services aimed at easing companies into a digital marketplace. It’s our goal to identify key pain points in business performance and partner with our clients to improve and implement changes. 

With specialties in marketing, graphic design, e-commerce, and much more Civiconnect is a one-stop-shop for any digital needs a small business may require!

Transforming your…


Craft a brand image that tells an evocative story about your brand’s true self.


An online commercial enterprise will help you reach new customers and clients for your organization.


In our hyper-visual social media world, graphic design is your key to being noticed and standing out.


Organizations in 2020 are best fueled with momentum built and maintained by smart digital marketing campaigns.


Deploying a creative, innovative, and dynamic fundraising campaign is key to generating attention to your cause.


Ensure your organization is hitting the right buttons when crafting all of your written material.

CSR Strategy

Take a Corporate Social Responsibility approach to setting your organizational goals in alignment with global goals.


Developing a recruitment and hiring strategy that fosters diversity is crucial to the success of any organization.

What Our Clients Say

As a business owner, it is good to know that I am giving back to the community and supporting youth.


I contracted Civiconnect to do some digital marketing and copywriting work for my small business and I was really impressed with the results. The content they produced was of high quality and the team was really professional and provided great insights regarding how to better attract youth customers.


I worked with the Civiconnect Team to revamp my website. We started with a site that would not have looked good 10 years ago to something that I can be proud to post on my social media. The team was great, they finished the site lightning quick and were willing to put up with all my whacky ideas.


High-quality work, with fantastic turn around times and they are always available to discuss things!


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