The Future is You(th)

Civiconnect is a non-profit organization focused on preparing youth to be effective members of the workforce and healthy members of the community. We do this by conducting research and incorporating the findings into our work integrated learning (WIL) environment where youth work on real projects for the business community while learning the necessary skills to succeed in the workforce and beyond.

Youth Skills

To effectively tackle the challenges of the modern world of work, youth need skills and experience. Businesses need hassle-free access to technology solutions and emerging new talent. The Youth Skills Studio is where it all comes together.


Effectively addressing the issues facing youth, means accurately understanding what they really are. Civiconnect’s Youth Advisory Committee provides a forum for young people to conduct research to better understand the issues that matter to them and discuss the challenges affecting youth.

Did you know?
Employers have an overwhelming preference for candidates with “on-the-job” experience.

Did you know?
The Youth Skills Studio not only fosters Work Integrated Learning but also helps in securing gainful employment.

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