Marketing Mastery

Natalie Heighway


Excelling in the Workplace

To kick off Cohort 8, the Marketing Associates participated in a mock project where participants were evaluated based on their ability to collaborate and create professional marketing presentations for fictional small businesses. Teams had to collaborate to complete market research, devise SEO strategies, on-page optimization, conduct website reviews, create social media strategies, and deliver a final presentation in front of a panel of judges, all within a tight two-week deadline.

Throughout the competition, judges from the marketing department, including Sana Pabani (Senior Marketing Manager), Jules Fazio (Jr. Project Manager), Chardon Trimble-Kirk (Digital Marketing Supervisor), as well as Chris Megally (Client Success Manager), assessed the teams on the quality of their presentations, marketing tactics, social media content, overall effort, and their ability to respond to the judges' questions.

Carina Kanaan and Khushi Handa emerged as the victors, securing the top spot with their exceptional research, strategy, and presentation for Sip & Style Home Décor, a fictitious home décor and furniture boutique with an in-store café.

Despite being one of the smaller teams, Carina and Khushi worked together seamlessly to overcome challenges and creatively solve any obstacles that arose. They not only listened to feedback but also adapted to it. Their success can be attributed to their group's determination and outstanding teamwork.

Carina is currently a Business Management student at Toronto Metropolitan University, specializing in entrepreneurship at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Marketing allows Carina to blend creativity with strategy, creating compelling narratives and experiences that resonate with audiences. She has consistently maintained her composure under pressure, enabling her to not only thrive but excel in the work environment by embracing learning opportunities at Civiconnect.

Khushi is a third-year Bachelor of Business Administration student at Wilfrid Laurier University's Lazaridis School of Business and Economics. Her passion for marketing stems from its limitless potential for creativity and innovation within the field. Khushi has flourished at Civiconnect thanks to numerous enriching learning opportunities and initiatives available to her as a Marketing Associate. These initiatives, specifically designed to foster skill and knowledge growth, have had a significant impact on associates, shaping a highly skilled and proficient workforce at Civiconnect.

Both Carina and Khushi tackled challenges with unwavering determination and effective teamwork. By working together and pooling their resources, both associates were able to overcome hurdles and emerge victorious. Supported by the exceptional team at Civiconnect, associates from all departments have continuously grown and elevated their skills. Civiconnect ensures that the journey of its associates is marked by achievements and fulfilment, empowering them to excel in their roles and make meaningful contributions to the workforce.